F1 2017’s chargers: From worst to best looking

It’s just a week until the new F1 season and we cannot wait to see those five red lights go out at Albert Park next Sunday.

The F1 off-season always seems to be a bit of a drag but things really start getting exciting once the wraps come off the new vehicles and the Circuit de Catalunya reverberates with the noise of testing.

This season, of course, is even more exciting with the unknown of who has got the change to the new rules spot on and who’s got it wrong – as much as we can try and guess based on times at Barcelona.

Certainly, Ferrari are looking stronger and, for many, they are the team to take the fight to Mercedes at this early stage.

It’s all relative guesswork for now, though, and so as we count this final week down we’re going to rate the cars in the only way we can at present – by their looks.

Here, then, is thef1apex.com’s run-down of the worst to best looking cars on 2017’s grid, let us know if you agree at the end!

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