Vettel happy gives 2016 verdict

As quoted by, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has delivered a pretty damning verdict on the Scuderia’s season in 2016.

Going into this year the Italian team were expecting to be closer to Mercedes than ever before in this latest turbo era but in fact, as the year has progressed, they have fallen behind and are even considered to be behind Red Bull ahead of the final race.

It’s a case of pretty unfortunate irony for the German who left the Christian Horner run team as he felt Ferrari were the better option to compete for the driver’s title and he certainly hasn’t held back with his honesty in reflecting on 2016.

The German said:
“We can’t be proud of this year because we came through the season wanting to fight for the championship.” Vettel said. “It is the target for next year, that is very clear. It is an enormous challenge for all of the teams including ourselves to get the cars ready for next year with so many changes but that is what we are here for.

“Overall I think the car is a very good step from last year and I think our performance was probably better than the results we have shown at times but the circumstances haven’t always been the best.”


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