The title permutations ahead of this weekend

Formula 1 could have a new World Champion this weekend if Nico Rosberg has his way in Brazil.

The German Mercedes driver has been in the pound seats for much of the season and since the summer break has largely looked the favourite for the title ahead of his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Admittedly, the British three-time champion has had his fair share of bad luck over the course of the year with his failure to finish in the Malaysian Grand Prix whilst leading a huge blow but that should not take anything away from Rosberg.

The son of former champion, Keke, has performed better than he has in any other season to date and is the strong favourite to take his maiden crown either in Sao Paolo or in a fortnight in Abu Dhabi.

So, how can he win it on Sunday?

The German will win the championship if he wins in Brazil, that would be the most straightforward way of doing it.

If Hamilton wins, however, Rosberg cannot win the title this weekend and we’ll be set for a showdown in the desert in two week’s time.

From there, things get a little bit more complicated and it all depends on where Hamilton finishes:

If Hamilton is:                     Rosberg needs to be:

2nd                                          1st

3rd                                           1st

4th                                           2nd (would win on 2nd place finishes if Hamilton wins in Abu                                                                                                   Dhabi)

5th                                           2nd

6th                                           3rd

7th                                           3rd

8th                                           4th

9th                                           5th

10th                                         6th


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